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At this time we don't have a affiliate program, but we offer a number of ways for you to either gain more exposure for your site, receive free traffic from us, and make some extra money for yourself by becoming an adult traffic reseller.

We have a free adult banner exchange where you receive 500 banner impressions for free.

We have a earn-it program where you can gain free traffic for your site, this is also free.
How does it work?
You signup by filling out a short form and receive a banner link with your ID. You place that banner anywhere you want on your site. Once you reach the 1,000 unique adult visitors, we will receive a report. Once we receive this report, we will set you up on our adult counting system, and send you 1,000 unique adult visitors.

We also have an adult traffic reseller plan. You can buy this traffic at wholesale prices and use it for your site, or sell it for what price you want. Get more details on how this can help you. More Info

We have plenty advertising venues at very cheap prices that you can use to boost traffic to your site. More Info

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