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EXTRA, EXTRA , Read All About It!

These are all the extra's you receive when you are a SexExtra member!

  • Free: For every $10.00 deposit you make for your search listings we will send you 1,000 "FREE" unique adult visitors to your site. These are real visitors who will see your site. We use our own domain names, and advertisers to drive traffic to your site. You can even have 1 pop on your site. You will get full stats so you can monitor our progress. All adult traffic is unique, not 24hr unique, but total unique. No other adult search engine can give you this free adult traffic just for being a member, and there is much more to come.

  • Free: You will receive an EXTRA 500 banner impressions when you join the banner exchange. That is on top of the 500 you receive when you first join the banner exchange. You will get a total of 1,000 banner impressions!

  • Free: All current members who have a balance in there account will be able to buy EXTRA adult traffic at 33% discount off regular prices. A usual 10,000 visitor campaign is $60.00, but you as a member in good standing will receive this traffic at $40.00, a 33% savings.

Free: Join our earn-it program and get "FREE" traffic to your site.
How does it work?
You signup by filling out a short form and receive a banner link with your ID. You place that banner anywhere you want on your site. Once you reach the 1,000 unique adult visitors, we will receive a report. Once we receive this report, we will set you up on our adult counting system, and send you 1,000 unique adult visitors. Signup Here

Extra: Have your site show up on "ALL" search result pages. No matter what type of search is done, your site can be shown on every page. Spots are limited, and once all the spots are used up, you will have to go on a waiting list for the next possible opening. We have 4 different types of search results that can viewed by all who do a search.
All cost the same amount on a monthly basis $25.00 Per Month.
(1) All text oriented with a title and 5 lines of descriptive text, and linked to a url of your choosing. The title can be up to 20 characters including spaces. 5 lines of description text 20 characters per line including spaces for a total of 100 characters of descriptive text. With a title, and description, that is a total of 120 characters including spaces.
(2) You can have a 125x125 animated banner and linked to a url of your choice. Banner can be smaller if you wish, but no larger then 125x125, and served from your site. If you wish us to host your banner is will cost an extra $5.00.
(3) You can have a 125Wx60L animated banner with 2 lines of text of 20 characters per line including spaces, and all linked to a url of your choice.
(3) You can have a tower banner placed also, but space is very limited, and would reflect in the pricing. You would have to contact us if you are interested in this type of advertising.

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